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Age Groups

Competitors at this event will be divided into two separate age groups. Age groups are decided using the athletes age on 31st December 2020.

All athletes MUST satisfy the following THREE requirements set by the NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council:

1. Be enrolled as a bona fide (Year 9 or above) student at the school of representation and studying at least 80% of a programme that is part of the timetable provided by the school for at least four weeks immediately prior to the event;
2. Have a satisfactory attendance record at the school (final decision will be made at the Principals discretion); and
3. Have reached a maximum of 18 years at 1st January 2020.

All athletes MUST satisfy the following three requirements set by OWNZ:
1. Be a registered member of OWNZ; with all 2020 membership fees paid;
2. Have reached a minimum age of 12 years at 1st January 2020; and
3. Not be banned from any other sport in any country of the world because of a doping offence.



If you have represented NZ internationally you will be registered with ADAMS.
If you have not represented NZ this section does not apply to you.

All ADAMS registered athletes whereabouts MUST be complete up to the 31 August 2020 and include this event and any associated travel or accommodation details in your submission. The deadline for ADAMS Whereabouts compliance is 9 August 2020. Failure to be ADAMS compliant will result in your entry being withdrawn without refund of your entry fee. Contact for further help.

Uniform Requirements
All athletes must wear an appropriate lifting suit according to the IWF standards. School P.E. Uniform is acceptable as long as t-shirts are collarless and the referees can see elbows and knees.